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Ensuite bathrooms connected to a bedroom adds privacy and convenience to everyday life.

Space is usually at a premium in an ensuite! A good design that makes best possible use of the available space for what a customer needs is crucial.

In most cases ensuites will have within it a shower area, maybe even a wetroom, a shower screen, toilet, a vanity unit with basin, LED lit mirror and towel ladder. LED ceiling lights can also contribute to the overall feel and functionality of the design.

Ensuite Bathrooms – an ‘exclusive environment’

Ensuites are often described as “exclusive environments”, part of a private domain, and so lend themselves to a little luxury.

For example, just imagine waking up and using your shower remote control to start the shower ! Allowing it to get to the temperature programmed to your own personal setting before you even get out of bed. Some digital showers make this possible.

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