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If you or a family member are finding it difficult or even impossible to safely get in and out of the bath or shower safely, or are simply becoming unsteady on your feet and need extra support rails in your bathroom, a specially designed mobility bathroom that takes account of your needs – one that allows you to shower and bathe safely and independently – may be the answer.

We believe that even where a customer has special access and support needs they shouldn’t have to settle for a featureless and sterile-looking bathing environment. Our Mobility bathrooms are built fully with the intended user in mind, maximising every feature to support and ensure the safety and satisfaction of the user.

Mobility Bathrooms
Serenity Bathrooms Bathroom Design Bird Image

We have the essential expertise and vision to design, supply and install the safe accessible bathroom that is truly bespoke to you.

Call us on 01661 830008 or contact us  to book an appointment to visit our showroom, starting your journey to start your journey to an inspired design mobility bathroom from Serenity Bathrooms.

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